North Alabama's Premier Junk Removal Service

Alan Snider, the owner of We Chunk Junk, has been a small business owner and entrepreneur for most of his adult life. He earned a degree in journalism in 1991 from Auburn University, and after a short stint as a reporter for a weekly newspaper, followed in his father’s footsteps by starting his own construction business.
His remodeling company used a tried and true formula for success by offering customers old fashioned values of integrity, honesty and hard work. We Chunk Junk was founded on those same values.
“We believe that our unique service will meet the needs of those that do not have the physical capability, the tools or the time to remove their junk,” said Alan. “Let We Chunk Junk de-clutter your home, your office, or even your backyard from all the junk that crowds your life.”
We Chunk Junk places a high priority in recycling and donating junk whenever possible. We work in conjunction with donation stores and thrift stores. Our number one goal is to keep as much junk out of the land-fills as possible. At We Chunk Junk, “you’ll love what we do!”
We serve all of North Alabama, including Huntsville, Madison, Athens and Decatur.
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